Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman - Inside Reading 1-4 The Academic Word List in Contest

Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman - Inside Reading 1-4 The Academic Word List in Contest
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman - Inside Reading 1-4 The Academic Word List in Contest
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Inside Reading 1 - 4: The Academic Word List in Contest
Год выпуска: 2009
Автор: Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman
Жанр: учебное пособие
Издательство: Oxford
Формат: PDF, nrg
English level: Pre-Intermediate to Advanced
Inside Reading 1: Student Pack 978-0-19-441612-2, Instructor's Pack 978-0-19-441620-7;
Inside Reading 2: Student Pack 978-0-19-441613-9, Instructor's Pack 978-0-19-441621-4;
Inside Reading 3: Student Pack 978-0-19-441614-6, Instructor's Pack 978-0-19-441622-1;
Inside Reading 4: Student Pack 978-0-19-441615-3, Instructor's Pack 978-0-19-441623-8.
Enables students to deal effectively with academic texts while familiarizing students with the complete Academic Word List.
There is a natural relationship between academic reading and word learning. Inside Reading is a four-level reading and vocabulary series designed to use this relationship to best advantage. With the dual focus of better equipping students to interact with academic texts and helping them fully acquire vital academic vocabulary, Inside Reading gives students the tools they need to succeed in their academic careers. Through principled instruction and practice with reading strategies and skills, students will increase their ability to comprehend reading material. Likewise, through a principled approach to the complex nature of vocabulary knowledge, learners will better understand how to make sense of the complex nature of academic word learning.
Key features:
* High-interest texts from academic content areas, such as psychology, engineering, the arts, computer science, and biology.
* Reading skills relevant to the academic classroom, such as inference, working with graphs and tables, annotation, and recognizing context clues.
* Systematic acquisition of the entire Academic Word List through targeted receptive and productive activities.
* Student Pack includes CD-ROM with additional vocabulary practice.
* Instructor Pack includes answer key, notes, and Diploma 6.5 Test Generator CD-ROM.
Компоненты раздачи:
Inside Reading 1 - 4: Book, Instructor's Pack (ответы), Student CD ROM, Test Generator CD ROM.
Instructor's Pack
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